Smart shades or blinds offer a luxurious feel to any home. They are convenient, and safe, and can even make home life more comfortable.

But how much do they cost?

While you can expect to pay anywhere from $700 to $2,000 per shade in Florida, many factors can affect the overall cost.

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the cost of motorized shades to answer the question, “How much do automated shades cost?” and explain what factors affect the price.

How much do motorized window roller blinds cost?

In Florida, the average cost of motorized shades in a “standard” size (38in by 60in) can range from around $700 to $2,000 per blind.

For high-quality Lutron shades (with high-tech motors, deluxe fabrics, and advanced smart features), prices usually start at around $1,000.

Many factors come into play when determining the exact cost of installing smart shades in your home. While it’s possible to purchase cheaper window coverings, the more convenience and luxury you want, the higher the price.

What factors affect the price?

As mentioned, numerous factors can affect the exact cost of installing electric roller blinds in your home.

Here is a guide to some of the things that can influence the price.

Motors/Power Source

The power source of your electric window treatments will certainly affect the price you pay. Generally, motorized shades are powered either by hard-wiring or a high-tech battery-powered motor.

If you choose hard-wired electric shades, you’ll also need to purchase antennas and have an electrical system installed throughout your home. Both elements can lead to a higher retail price.

Alternatively, if you choose to have motorized sun shades for your windows, these tend to be easier to install, but the cost is not necessarily cheaper. Different brands offer different motors to control your shades – with Lutron being one of the leading experts in the development of ultra-quiet motors and seamless integration with any smart home lighting automation system. Generally, the higher the quality of the motor on your electric sunshades, the more you can expect to pay.


Motorized shades or blinds come in numerous styles. There are roller shades (which offer a clean, sleek look), Roman shades (which neatly fold into themselves when moved), and shutter blinds (which can offer high security and a better night’s sleep).

Some styles of blinds cost more than others and prices can significantly vary when it comes to installation. For example, shutter blinds can be more complex and time-consuming to install and therefore often cost more than roller shades.


While the fabric you choose for your blinds won’t have a major impact on the price, it’ll still make a difference to the total cost.

When purchasing Lutron blinds (which are a market leader in motorized solar shades), you can choose from an extensive range of high-end fabrics and materials. While aesthetics are important to consider when choosing your fabric, different materials can also perform different tasks for your home.

For example, some can fully or partially control the natural light in your home – like blackout shades or translucent blinds (which maximize natural light while minimizing glare). Alternatively, some materials can help regulate temperatures as well as provide privacy and shade.

Overall, the more control you’d like from your blinds, the higher the price you can expect to pay.


The size of your blinds or shades will certainly have an impact on the price. Larger blinds will, of course, cost more than smaller shades – since you’ll be paying extra for the materials. Plus, you can usually expect to pay more for the installation of larger blinds, as they can take longer to set up or require more than one installer.


The aesthetic appeal of motorized window treatments is a huge reason why many people choose to have them in their homes. The finishing you choose can certainly impact aesthetics – and it can also impact the price.

When choosing Lutron motorized window treatments, you can choose from either a Palladium Exposed Roller, which exposes the polished edges, or Palladium End Brackets, which neatly hide the brackets from view with an elegant edge-finishing.

As well as the edges, you can also customize the bottom bar along your motorized shades. Bottom finishings come in fabric wrap, exposed, or architectural designs – all of which can impact the price of your shades.


Installation costs for your motorized shades can vary significantly. Ultimately, the costs will depend on how many blinds you want to be installed, which type of system they need (hard-wiring or battery-powered motors), and how big the blinds are.

It also depends on which company you use and the kind of customer service they provide. Some companies are installers only, while others offer the entire package – from bespoke design services to long-term after-care.

At OM Wave, we offer a free design and consultation service to help bring your vision to life. Plus, our friendly team of experts offers demonstrations of how to make the best use of your products long-term. We are even available for a chat anytime in the future if things go wrong.

The average cost to install electric blinds

On average, it can cost around $35 to $75 to install one shade.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that larger shades can be more costly to install. Plus, depending on the type of power source you need for your blinds (hard wiring or motors), the price can vary.

Hard-wiring new blinds will almost certainly cost more to install than motorized blinds because of the extra work needed to set up a new electrical system.

Electric roller blinds prices

While many factors can affect electric roller blind costs, starting prices for hidden shades of average size are around $1,190, while exposed shades start at around $1,990.

Smart shades installation cost by size

While prices can vary, for smart shades of 38in by 60in, you can expect to pay between $35 to $75 to install one shade.

How to find out how much your project will cost

The best way to find out the cost of motorized shades for your home is to book a quick and easy home visit from a professional.

At OM Wave, we offer a free, no-obligation quote service that can quickly tell you the average cost of your motorized shades. Simply book a date and time online and we’ll visit your home to talk through your options and help make your dream a reality.

After measuring up and discussing your requirements, you’ll receive an accurate estimate of how much it’ll cost to have automated shades installed in your home.

However, if you want to get a rough idea of how much your blinds will cost before booking a personalized visit from our team, you can undertake the following steps:

Count your windows

First things first, to find out how much your motorized shades will cost, you need to know how many windows you’ll be covering. Do a quick sweep of your home and count all the windows you’d like to cover.

Remember, if a window is bayed and will therefore need more than one blind to cover the entire space, make sure you count each bay separately.

Measure up

Now you know how many windows you’d like to cover with automated shades, it’s time to measure up. It’s best to use a metal tape measure, as these won’t bend, fold, or provide an inaccurate measurement.

Even if some of your windows look like they are the same size, make sure you measure all of them – just to be safe.

When you’re measuring your windows, round up the measurement to the nearest 1/8th. It’s also a good idea to measure each window twice, so you can be sure you’ve got the correct size.

Consider power

Next, it’s time to consider what kind of power you’d like for your motorized shades. Choosing between hard-wiring or battery-powered is a personal choice and depends on the type of experience you’d like to create in your home.

When you choose OM Wave’s Lutron motor shades, you’ll be able to control both types of blinds using a remote control, smartphone app, or an Alexa/Google Home device.

Consider style & finishings

Choosing your style of blinds is where the process gets fun. For inspiration, view our video gallery to see what styles, materials, colors, and finishings are available.

While it’s not essential to determine which style of shade you’d like before getting a quote, it’s important to understand how much your project is likely to cost as prices can vary per style.

Wrapping up

Ultimately, the cost of motorized shades depends entirely on the kind of blinds you’d like and the type of experience you want to create in your home. The greater the smart house automation experience you’d like, the higher the price.

The best way to find out accurately how much automated shades will cost for your home in Miami, FL is to book a free home visit with us today.

We can talk through what you’d like to achieve, measure your windows accurately and provide a no-obligation quote for you to consider.