For more than ten years, OM Wave has been helping people across the United States discover an all-new level of luxury with fully automated and integrated Lutron® home lighting.

Our clients achieve a harmonious balance between technological convenience and comfort that is nothing short of luxurious by instantly changing the atmosphere of their home for any occasion or mood.

About Lutron Lighting

Lutron is a company with a history that dates back to the late 1950s, beginning with a young physicist named Joel Spira and a makeshift NYC lab. He created the first solid-state dimmer, after which he and his wife incorporated Lutron Electronics in 1961. The dimmer was a simple rotary dimmer, which can still be found on many walls today.

Since then, Lutron innovations have turned into several patents, two of which are the first self-contained preset lighting control system and the first electronic dimming ballast for fluorescent lights.

Lutron is the first company to mass-market the dimmer and is still the only company to create dimmer systems and motorized shades for windows that control both daylight and electric light. The company now offers 15,000 products, including innovations for the control of light via window shade technology.

About OM Wave

The professionals at OM Wave design, supply, and install luxury automated window treatments and lighting systems that are fully integrated to create the ultimate smart home.

Light is conducive to productivity; it helps us relax, boosts our health, and creates ambiance in our homes. Light provides safety and security and, now, luxury.

We believe in the healing power of light and know first-hand how important the right type and levels of light are to our customers in Florida and beyond.

OM Wave is a platinum partner of Lutron, and we create fully customized lighting solutions for our customers using the latest, top-tier Lutron products. Our customers have access to unlimited combinations of:

  • Electric blinds
  • Roller shades
  • Automatic shutters
  • Roman shades
  • Automatic drapes

This selection is in addition to automated, integrated lighting systems that can be programmed, controlled, and changed with the touch of a smartphone button.

We also install automated home systems that include security, audio and visual equipment, home appliances, and more. The Lutron products we use can be controlled remotely with smartphone apps, Google Home, Alexa, and other devices.

Lifetime batteries are available, in addition to a host of other impressive features, depending on the product.

The OM Wave Advantage

OM Wave is unlike any other company, and we’ve worked hard to earn our reputation as a leader in home system automation. When you choose to work with us for your smart home systems, you’ll enjoy a huge array of benefits, some of which include:

  • The ability to create the ideal atmosphere to reflect your mood for any occasion
  • Elevated inner harmony, creativity, and recovery
  • Hands-free control and enjoyment of lighting, home audio, home security, and more
  • Seamless smart home integration and outstanding customer support

With our automated solutions, you’ll be able to better control the temperature of your home while you enjoy the perfect lighting atmosphere at any time of the day.

Turn on your dishwasher with your smartphone, lock your doors from a thousand miles away, screen visitors to your property, and turn up your air conditioner before you arrive home. It’s all possible with OM Wave.

Bring the Luxury of Automation into Your Home with OM Wave

As a platinum partner of Lutron, we create automated systems and customized solutions that feature Lutron products of the highest caliber. We can install high-performance Lutron linears and downlights for flicker-free dimming, with each light fixture able to be controlled individually or pre-programmed.

We can design and install lighting for your home using traditional LEDs, white lights or warm, amber lights, automated window treatments, and more. You’ll save money with automated light systems and enjoy greater efficiency, as well.

Our team will always be available to help you get the most out of your automated home systems, even after we’ve completed installation.

The goal is for you to thoroughly enjoy your home to its fullest, which means elevating your relaxation and comfort levels. Let us take care of the details; we’ll ensure you know exactly how to control everything in your smart home.

Set It and Forget It with Home Automation from OM Wave

You have enough to focus on during your day-to-day without having to worry about remembering to lock your doors, turn down blinds, or adjust your thermostat.

Our OM Wave professionals are industry experts in providing our customers with systems that work flawlessly, add value to their homes, increase security and comfort, and improve the well-being of everyone who enters through their front doors.

Being able to set it and forget allows you to take control of home audio and video, security systems, door locks, window treatments, intercoms, home appliances, home lighting systems, and even your thermostat. Whether you’re home or not, you never lose control of the status of your home.

Even if you already have a smart home system, we can perform an audit of your existing assets to see where improvements can be made. If you’re having issues with a system that was previously installed, OM Wave professionals can diagnose, repair, or service it as needed. We service any brand and any setup for our customers.

Bring Luxury Home with Lutron and OM Wave

Lutron is an award-winning, innovative pioneer in the lighting industry. Its products are world-renowned for quality, consistency, and game-changing technology that is reliable, beautiful, and always of the highest quality.

OM Wave not only endorses Lutron products, but we also recommend them, install them, and use them ourselves.

When you turn to OM Wave and Lutron for your home automation systems in Miami, South Florida, from lights to window treatments to intercoms and security systems, you’ll open the door to an entirely new level of luxury, comfort, sophistication, and peace of mind that encourages you to live your best life in your home, every single day.

Contact OM Wave for a free home audit in Miami, FL; we can consult with you via phone or over Zoom. Let us show you how your home can become the sanctuary you deserve with an on-site evaluation and estimate.