Luxury encompasses a broad range of lifestyle areas, from the cars we drive to the homes in which we live to the swimming pools in our backyards. People have begun to realize the luxurious capability of lighting — specifically, controlling lighting. Are smart lights worth it? Let’s check it out.

An optimal level of light is essential for our well-being. The right lighting in a Florida home can enhance your relaxation and energize your work. Thanks to automatic shades and lights, you can create a light-filled luxurious sanctuary to enjoy every day.

The Healing Power of Natural Light

Standard light bulbs and lighting systems lack simplicity, and manual shades make it difficult to achieve the best lighting in your home. Combine these problems, and you have a home that lacks more than just optimal light levels.

Automatic shades and lights are about more than just simplicity; they’re also about health, wellness, and enjoying the full potential of the way light influences a home’s essence and atmosphere.

Light regulates peoples’ circadian rhythm, which plays a role in maintaining the health of their hearts, regulating their body temperatures, and stabilizing their emotional health. The right light can improve sleep, boost vitamin D production and ward off seasonal depression.

The Problem with Manual Shades and Lights

Controlling the light in your home manually, whether using shades, curtains, lamps, or light fixtures, is inconvenient, unhealthy, and wasteful.

Manual Shades

Are motorized shades worth it? For years, many people in who had hard-to-reach windows in their homes could not change anything about the light coming through. As light filters through windows, it increases the temperature of the indoors and creates a glare on televisions and other screens.

Manual shades and lights require our direct physical attention in order to change light levels, and even then, the level of light still isn’t optimal. There are generally only two positions for manual window treatments: open and closed.

People with houses with very high windows and windows that are difficult to reach must depend on window treatments that cannot be opened and closed easily, if at all.

Those who do have manual blinds still have to contend with dust, dirt, and allergens that come to rest on those blinds or drapes, not to mention an unsightly, long cord or bar that hangs down to allow manual control. This cord is a safety hazard in homes with children and pets, as it presents a risk of strangulation. Read more about how do motorized blinds work.

Manual Lights

One of the most obvious problems with manually controlled lights in the home is the fact that users need to go over to a switch, lamp, or control to turn them on and off. While this isn’t always an issue, it’s a burden for many people, including those who are ill, very young, very old, disabled, or generally unable to physically get over to a switch.

Another issue with manually controlled lighting is that it’s all or nothing. For the most part, light bulbs can either be on or off. There are dimmer switches available, but not all homes, fixtures, or bulbs are compatible with dimmers. The pre-programmed levels of light are often too dim or too bright, leaving homeowners with headaches either way.

A third drawback of manually controlled lighting is that multiple light sources in a room need to be manually turned on and off one at a time. You have to walk around the entire room, reaching in the dark for switches, knobs, and controls.

The Benefits of Automatic Shades and Lights

A good automatic lighting system (which includes shades and lights) delivers balanced, controllable, optimized lighting in your home at the touch of a button. There are major benefits of automatic shades and lights that make the investment in them worth every penny:

  • Convenient control
  • Sophisticated, beautiful style
  • High safety and security
  • Maximized exposure to the right type and amount of light

With these benefits come additional secondary benefits, including better sleep, less strain on the eyes, environmentally appropriate and responsible lighting, and more.

Convenient Control

Automatic lights and shades can be controlled with your smartphone or tablet. You can also have everything work according to a schedule you set without having to actually reach for lights and shades. Automatic shades are able to be opened part of the way, allowing you to have more control.

Being able to control the amount of light coming into your home helps regulate the indoor temperature better, improve your overall comfort, and maintain the correct level of light indoors at all times without you having to walk over to the window constantly to adjust lights, blinds, or curtains as the position of the sun changes.

Sophisticated, Beautiful Style

Window treatments in Florida never looked so good as when they are automatic. They never have to be physically handled to be positioned differently, which decreases the likelihood that they will become damaged or deformed.

High Safety and Security

Enjoy better peace of mind even if you’re not at home. You can program your lights and blinds to activate at a certain time of the evening or night to enhance home security.

There is no risk of accidentally touching hot light bulbs as you fumble in the dark for a lamp switch, and there is no dangerous cord hanging from automated blinds, as is the case with manual blinds.

Maximum Exposure to the Right Kind and Amount of Light

The health benefits from sufficient exposure to the right light cannot be overstated. With full home automation, automated lights and shades, you’ll always be able to control the lighting and adjust it to a level that is ideal for you.

Lighting can be turned up if you are working in the home, become dimmer and warmer if you’re enjoying a cozy, relaxing night in, or give off an inviting, welcoming hue for times when you are entertaining guests.

Are Motorized Shades and Smart Lights Worth It?

When you weigh all of the benefits of automatic lighting against the drawbacks of traditional manual lighting, the answer is clear as day. Ready to see how luxurious automated shades and lighting can help you enjoy your home in Miami, FL? Contact OM Wave today for a free consultation with us via phone or over Zoom.