Motorized shades create an unforgettable living experience. By upgrading your blinds, you can enjoy a more luxurious, comfortable, and convenient lifestyle at home.

If you’re thinking about investing in automated window treatments for your home, you may be wondering, “What are motorized shades?”, “How do motorized shades work”, and “Are they a reliable feature for my home?”.

These are excellent questions, and, in this article, we’ll explain how our motorized shades work to answer your queries. Plus, we’ll share our thoughts on why these window treatments could be the perfect upgrade for your home.

How Do Electric Blinds Work?

Electric or motorized shades are automated devices you can fit onto your windows. Most motorized shades are controlled via a remote control, timer, app, or smart home device.

For many homeowners, these window treatments provide a more convenient solution than manual blinds. With just the touch of a button, you can create the perfect ambiance at any time of day.

Because electric shades are usually hardwired or battery-powered, they don’t have cords or wires. This can be safer for families with children or pets living at home. Plus, it can create a tidier, more spacious look for your windows. One of the technologies that we use in our light automation is Control 4 System. Read in our another article how Control4 work.

What are Motorized/Electric Shades?

Motorized/electric shades can be fitted to your windows, doors, and garages. They can be controlled automatically and are custom-made to perfectly fit the size and shape of your home.

At OM Wave, our luxurious motorized shades are available in:

  • Roller shades – offer a smooth, sleek, and traditional look
  • Roman shades – which fold away into neat, elegant pleats when open
  • Automatic drapes – which perfectly suit lounges, sitting rooms, and bi-folding doors leading to a backyard
  • Automatic shutters – which can be fitted on the outside of your windows, doors, or garages to maximize security

With our electric shades, you can:

  • Sleep better – with blackout shutters, you can sleep well in any season
  • Wake up with the sunrise – with shutters that open automatically, you can use your blinds as a natural alarm clock and wake up feeling refreshed!
  • Maximize natural light – you can fully customize your shades to accentuate natural sunlight in your home
  • Regulate temperatures on sunny days – our electric shades can help regulate temperatures and provide a more comfortable living space
  • Enjoy a more convenient lifestyle – with instant control of your blinds on-the-go
  • Create a safer family home – electric shades don’t have cords or wires, so you can relax around pets and children
  • Enjoy more security – with automatic shutters, you can feel safer in your home at night or on vacation

How are Motorized Shades Powered?

Depending on the brand, motorized shades can be powered either via:

  • Batteries – which can be a highly reliable source of power, especially if lifetime or rechargeable batteries are used
  • Hardwiring – which connects your shades to your main power supply, so you never have to worry about changing batteries
  • A DC power adaptor – which plugs into a socket and, while easy to install, the wires can be unsightly
  • Solar power – which may only be suitable depending on the region you live in and the positioning of your home

Generally, battery-powered or hardwired shades are considered the most luxurious automated window treatment. Since wires and battery packs are hidden, they are safe to use in bathrooms and always look tidy.

How Do They Work?

Using our electric shades couldn’t be simpler.

Depending on your preferences, you can control your shades:

  • At the touch of a button – using a portable or fitted remote control
  • Via a smartphone – giving you full control anytime, even when you’re not home
  • Using voice control – by connecting to an Alexa or Google Home device
  • Automatically – using a timer, you can fully automate your home lighting

Can Motorized Blinds Be Connected to my Device?

At OM Wave, our impressive motorized shades connect to almost any device.

With our window treatments, you can control your blinds from:

  • A smartphone or an app
  • A Google Home device
  • An Alexa

Are Electric Blinds Reliable?

Electric shades are highly reliable. When looked after, they can last up to 10 years, on average.

When investing in motorized shades with OM Wave, our energy-efficient lithium-ion batteries mean our window treatments are built to last.

Just note that battery-powered shades will need to be charged or have their batteries replaced on occasion. With hardwired shades, you’ll never have to worry about power running out.

To Sum Up

Electric shades can create a more luxurious lifestyle in your home. They can make life simpler and help your family feel safer indoors. Moreover, the cost of motorized shades is justified

At OM Wave, our motorized shades are elegant, innovative, and built to last. With our 10+ years of experience transforming homes using the power of light, we’d love to help create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere in your home in Miami, FL. We can even advise what fabric for roller shades is better to choose.

Are you excited to see what motorized shades could do for you? Get started today and book your no-obligation consultation with our team of experts – completely free! We can bring your vision to life for you – or create a unique automated set-up in your home in Miami, South Florida from scratch.

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