Home automation is fueling the popularity of smart lighting. Currently, homeowners can leverage sensors to detect people’s presence in a room, automatically turning the lights on. They can also program their lighting system to dim and reduce brightness down to, let’s say, 30% just before bedtime. Additionally, they can automate motorized shades for windows to open and close as needed in regard to the changing room temperatures and brightness.

These cool capabilities are one of the reasons why home automation becomes so popular. However, the convenience and sophistication they bring would not be possible without lighting control systems. And with the myriad of smart lighting systems available in the market, picking the right one will assure you proper functionality, diverse capabilities, and the utmost convenience.

This article is about Control4 vs Lutron, two of the most popular automation systems. We will share their pros and cons, helping you decide the best option for you.

Lutron Technology

Lutron is at the center of smart innovations, facilitating dynamic lighting to create the perfect ambiance. It’s a technology that allows homeowners to access a vast array of automated home lighting solutions, shade, and temperature controls.

So, what are some of Lutron’s pros and cons?

Lutron Advantages

  • Wireless controls

Lutron harnesses the power of wireless technology to connect smart devices, eliminating the need for structured wiring during installation in new buildings or retrofit projects. This is particularly a perk for those that want minimal disruptions during the installation process.

  • Extensive product list

From single-room controls to stand-alone solutions, shading controls, and full home automation systems, Lutron has an impressive product catalog that allows you to take your home’s illumination a notch higher.

  • Customization options

Lutron’s smart solutions give you access to near-endless customization possibilities. With the touch of a button, you can program a ‘bedtime’ scene where the main house lights go off and the bedside lamps dim by a certain percentage. Or, you could program your lights to adjust accordingly depending on the weather or time of day.

And that’s not all.

The technology allows you to combine lights, shades, and HVAC to bring in the right amount of natural light, boost energy efficiency and create the ideal environment.

  • Energy Efficiency

These systems have daylight-responsive controls that adjust indoor lights accordingly, saving energy. With motion sensors that switch off the lights when movement is not detected and scheduling that programs light fixtures to go off at specified times, you are assured of lower utility bills.

  • Geofencing Capabilities

Lutron supports geofencing, allowing you to set customized arriving/leaving scenes that activate whenever you are within a specified area around your home. With this feature, you can decide what happens when you arrive or leave your house.

For instance, you can

  • Change illumination levels and program blinds to open or close
  • Receive notifications when light fixtures are not switched off

Lutron Disadvantages

  • Cost

Compared to other automation providers, Lutron is a bit pricier. However, the technology is pretty sophisticated and of exceptional quality, which tends to push its prices upwards.

  • Mainly focuses on lighting solutions

Lutron is primarily centered on automated lighting and shading systems. It doesn’t offer security or entertainment automation solutions.

Control4 Technology

This is an automation technology that connects smart devices including but not limited to lighting, shading, security, and entertainment systems, giving you total control of your home.

Notable Control4 pros and cons include:

Control4 Advantages

  • Offers structured wiring and wireless options

Homeowners can either opt for wireless Control4 technology or install structured wiring. Potential users get the best of both worlds, enjoying the flexibility that comes with wireless devices or the exceptional network speeds and consistent signal quality that structured wiring offers.

  • Extensive third-party compatibility

One of the Control4 advantages is it can work seamlessly with almost all smart devices in your home. It’s compatible with thousands of third-party devices, presenting consumers with exceptional interoperability.

  • More convenience

Control4 is not limited to lights. You can also program it to work with your entertainment systems, HVAC, security systems, and much more. That way, you centrally control all your smart devices.

Control4 Disadvantages

Some of the drawbacks of using this home automation control system include:

  • Less flexibility

Don’t get it wrong. Control4 offers automation flexibility, allowing you to dim lights, turn the audio system on/off, and close or open the blinds. However, its lighting capabilities do not match its competitor, which can individually control elements in a room, fine-tuning them to create the perfect ambiance.

  • Troubleshooting problems

Control4 has an intuitive interface that the not-so-tech-savvy can operate with ease. However, if your setup is a bit complex and you experience functionality issues, you may have a hard time troubleshooting the system. Thus, needing to call in a professional.

Which is Better: Control4 or Lutron?

Control4 and Lutron are top-tier home control systems that revolutionize your living space, making it sophisticated, ultra-modern, and valuable. They are both cutting-edge technologies that boast innovative automation features, and you cannot go wrong with whichever you pick.

However, if you are looking for a robust lighting solution with extensive personalization options, Lutron is a perfect choice.

On the other hand, if you want a system that supports an unending list of smart devices including intelligent home entertainment systems, control4 is the ideal pick. This is also the case if affordability is a top concern.

Does Control4 Work with Lutron?


Control4 works seamlessly with tens of thousands of smart systems, including third-party devices. That means a professional can integrate Lutron lighting solutions into your Control4 automation system with ease.

What to Look for When Choosing a Smart Home Lighting System?

Wondering how to choose the right smart lighting solution?

Here’s what to consider:

  • Single-room or whole-house installation

Before purchasing any automated lighting solution, you need to know whether you want to install it in a specific room or throughout your entire home.

Choosing the latter also means deciding whether to go with shared control or not. Such sharing options allow different family members to personalize their lighting according to their preferences.

  • Features

While intelligent lighting comes with customizable features, some will offer more robust solutions such as geofencing, scheduling, and motion sensitivity. So, it’s best to know your preferred features before purchasing.

  • Integration

Some smart lights will integrate with other intelligent devices such as the security system and motorized blinds while others will not.

Final words

Lutron and Control4 are high-quality smart home automation systems that offer exceptional value.

If you are still struggling to pick the best technology for your home, Om wave can help.

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