Automating your lights provides more than just a luxury living experience. Installing smart home products can also help improve the safety, security, and energy efficiency of your home.

To help you transform your house into a cool and convenient living space, we’ll share our best smart light ideas in this article. After reading, you’ll feel inspired to give some (or all!) of these a try in your home.

How to automate your lights

Installing an automated house lighting system allows you to fully control the amount of light, and the impact it has, оn your home.

At OM Wave, our smart home products operate on voice control, app control, or remote control to make setting the right mood ultra-convenient.

Since you can fully control your lights with a home automation system, you can turn them off when you’re not home, light the basement before heading down, and set pre-programmed timers that make it look like you’re home when you’re on vacation (by adjusting your lights and window shades automatically at certain times of the day).

Through a variety of colors, hues, tones, and mood settings, you can also use LED smart lights to switch up the vibe in your house. You can go from chill to party at the touch of a button. One of the technologies that we use in our light automation is Control 4 System.

Our top smart home lighting ideas that will completely transform your home

Making your home smart is more than just a nicety. There are so many cool things to do with smart lights that can make your space feel more luxurious. But upgrading to a home automation system offers more than that. It can also provide better security, energy efficiency, and a greater sense of well-being.

If you’re looking for unique smart light ideas for your home, here are our top home light ideas that can completely transform your living environment.

Our top smart home lighting ideas that will completely transform your home

Adjust your lighting with color temperature

Any interior designer knows that light and its temperature can shift the mood.

Each light in your house has a color temperature that’s measured in degrees Kelvin. This scale ranges from a mild, amber-red color to an artic blue. It’s widely recognized that amber-red is warm light and arctic blue is cool.

Playing around with these temperatures in your LED smart lights can quickly change the feel of the space.

For example, changing the color temperature of your living room lights from 4,500k (which is considered a ‘normal household light bulb’ color) to a 2,500k ‘early sunrise’ color can make your TV area feel warmer and cozier.

Make your home a place for inspiration with color-changing lamps

Smart color-changing lamps are fun to play around with, especially in a kid’s bedroom! But they have another benefit, too. Through color change, these lamps have the power to change your mood and make you feel more awake, and productive, ready to work, or exercise.

For example, switching your lamp to purple can make you feel more creative, which is great for inspiring activities like painting or journaling.

Changing your light to an orange or yellow color (especially in the morning) can make you feel more alert.

If you feel stressed or want to do some gentle yoga before bed, a green light can offer the perfect mood (and motivation) to help your mind and body relax.

Use motion sensors

With motion sensors, you’ll never have to fumble around in the dark for a light switch ever again! These cool smart home products offer ultimate convenience in garages or basements.

Your kids won’t fear going into the basement by themselves again. And you’ll also never need to wonder if you turned off the lights when you’re tucked up in bed.

You can use motion sensors to create a greater sense of luxury in your home, too. For example, you could install them in a walk-in wardrobe, so they light up your clothes as you reach for your shirt.

Or you could install subtle lights on the stairs or along the base of your kitchen cabinets. As you float through the house, you’ll be followed by light wherever you go.

Set up bias lighting for your TV

Another cool thing to do with smart lights is to use them to create biased lighting behind your TV.

These smart home products match the colors on your screen during a movie and project it around your living room. It can provide the ultimate TV-watching experience. The ambiance and contrast these lights create can also improve the quality of the images you see on screen.

Bias lighting can help you if you get eye strain or feel tired when watching TV, too. They can prevent the screen from looking so harsh and bright in contrast to the wall of your living room. This can help your eyes focus and relax.

Use accent lighting to draw attention to the artwork

Artwork is designed to be enjoyed. Another cool thing to do with smart lights is to position them above, around, or below any works of art, you have on display.

Depending on the color scheme of your artwork, you can enhance its beauty by matching the tone or using light to focus on certain areas. For example, you can complement the ambiance of a sunset piece by projecting an orange glow where the sun rises.

Or, with wall prints that display your favorite quotes, use soft light to draw attention to the words and create a cozy feel.

Match colors with the tone of the room

When you choose to install an automated house lighting system, you can set the tone of the room by changing the color or focus of the surrounding lights.

Since you’ll have different smart lighting options, from colors to type of light, you can create a distinct ambiance to match the tone of the room. Via remote control, app control, or voice control, you can switch from a cool, calming vibe, to an eclectic party vibe in an instant.

For example, if you’re working in your office or about to jump on a Zoom call, a cool, blue light can create the perfect setting for productivity and focus. When you’re entertaining on a Saturday night, you can ramp up the vibe with a vibrant mix of orange, pink, red, and blue, and get ready to party.

Light the way to the bathroom

Few people like getting up during the night to use the bathroom. And there’s nothing worse than having to switch on several bright lights on your way there.

But another cool smart lighting idea you can introduce is subtle floor lights that light the way from your bedroom to your bathroom. It’ll be silent and gentle, making it easier to fall back to sleep afterward.

It’s a great home light idea for your kids’ rooms, too. If they get scared going from their bedroom to the bathroom at night, lighting the way can ease their worries and help them get up with confidence.

Improve security and lower energy costs with efficiency

One of the best smart light ideas you can introduce offers convenience, energy efficiency, and an increased security system.

Automated house lighting systems offer programs that let you control your lights when you’re away from home. If you often forget to turn the lights off when you go out, you can manage them from your phone and save energy.

When you’re on vacation, you can pre-program the lights to turn on and off during evening hours. It’ll make it look like you’re still home and intruders won’t feel as inclined to break in.

You can even use smart home lights to make you feel safer when you’re coming home late. You can switch on the outdoor floodlights and the lamp in your hallway using your phone. When you get out of your car, you’ll feel safer and won’t need to worry about fumbling around in the dark when you get inside.

What smart lighting technology systems we can provide

At OM Wave, our goal is to provide you with a smart lighting system that you can enjoy. We can create a fully customized solution for your home in Miami, South Florida to perfectly suit your lighting needs. If you are doubling are smart lights worth it read our other article to know more.

Our smart lighting technology systems include a range of wireless house lights, voice-activated lighting systems, mood-setting linear lights, and other programmable lighting controllers. We also offer seamless integration with window shades, with remote control, smartphone, and voice-command systems built-in.

Learn more about how to automate your home or simply get in touch to book a consultation with our friendly team of experts. We can make the design process easy, simple, and exactly what you need.