Is your home comfortable and warm? That would be all thanks to your window treatments. And as a homeowner, isn’t it great if you had motorized window treatments? You read that right! Just imagine how simple it would be to control the sunlight entering your home by just playing with a button or two. How easy is that?

All you need to do is read on and discover all there is to learn about motorizing your window treatments and enjoy a truly beautifully smart home.

What are motorized shades?

Motorized window coverings are those when you motorize existing blinds or automate existing blinds, shades, or curtains so that they can be operated remotely via a remote or app on your phone. You can even set up automatic timers to open and close based on the light in the room. Read more about how motorized shades work.

Is it possible to motorize existing roller blinds and shades at home?

The Quick answer is…..Yes!

And, if you are also wondering about “how to motorize blinds” and how to motorize roller shades, here are the tips.

You want to first ensure that the roller blinds are working properly and are not broken or damaged. Once you have confirmed your blinds are in good working condition, you will need to measure the length of your current roller blind. For this, a measuring tape would be most effective.

Next, close the blind; measure from where it attaches at the top of the window to where the bottom edge meets the window sill. You’ll then want to determine how much space you have available above your window for installing an electric system. A step ladder or even a chair will work well for getting this measurement, and a professional should be able to advise you on which electric kit would be most suitable for your needs and help you finalize your purchase.

Lastly, all that is left to do is similar to installing automated lights for the home: you will have to motorize existing roller shades with the new electric system. This can usually be done without the use of any tools and allows anyone to do an easy-to-install DIY on their automatic roller blinds at home.

What can you get with motorizing your existing shades?

Motorized shades for windows are an ideal option for homes, offices, and other interior spaces that need to be light-sensitive. There are lots of amazing benefits you can receive when you retrofit motorized blinds, such as:


When you motorize existing shades, you can control the shades from a keypad, remote, or smartphone app. You can program your shades to open and close at specific times or pair them with other smart home products for even more control. Or, you can add a timer to set a schedule for your shades. Either way, you’ll have the ability to adjust your shades from anywhere in the world.

Solar sensors to reduce energy costs

Solar sensors are one of the greatest features of motorized window treatments. They are added to sense when it’s too sunny outside, which is usually what causes rooms to get hot and uncomfortable. When sunlight hits a solar sensor, it will automatically adjust your shades, so they’re blocking out the sun’s harmful rays.

In hot summer months, these sensors can help keep your electric bills low because they prevent the need for constant air conditioning repair and use. In the winter months, they’ll prevent heat loss and help maintain a warmer home environment. Moreover, the cost of motorized window shades is justified.

Compatible with many different types of window treatments

Designing with motorized shades comes with pros and cons and can afford you unprecedented flexibility in terms of color and style — you’re not limited to certain colors or styles because you have to expose a battery pack or bulky control system. Instead, you can select any shade that catches your eye. That’s because every shade model is equipped with a compact, low-profile system that fits neatly within your window treatment.

Clean wireless technology

Smart motorized blinds are controlled through wireless technology. They only require power to operate. Nowadays, all these shades come with batteries which means that they don’t need any wires or cables to work. These shades can be installed anywhere, and you don’t have to worry about drilling holes or running cables through your walls. In case you wonder, can you motorize existing blinds? Yes, you can retrofit existing blinds or install new ones.


Because the mechanics are hidden in the headrail, the operations when you motorize your blinds are extremely quiet when you control your window blinds. The only sound you’ll hear is the hum of the motor when the shade or blind is moving. This quiet operation makes it easy to program your motorized shades to open and close at specific times without disturbing anyone in your home.

Optimized to operate on a schedule

Automated blind systems come with a variety of options that allow you to customize your blinds according to your needs and preferences. For example, some smart shade systems have sensors that can detect sunlight and temperature changes, allowing you to set them up, so they automatically adjust based on whether it’s day or night outside.

Additional safety

Children and pets are safe from cord-related injuries with motorized window shades. This safety feature is especially important in homes with small children or pets that can be easily injured by exposed cords.

Where to get professional services in motorizing roller blinds

Om Wave is the best option for motorizing roller blinds, that is if you want a whole home automation system. Om Wave has a team of experts and professionals who are dedicated to providing you with the best roller blind accessories and services in Miami, South Florida. Om Wave also provides installation and maintenance services. If you are doubled are motorized shades worth it read another article to know more.

Remote control window treatments are a smart enhancement for any home. They allow for better control over the environment we create in our homes, whether that means blocking out excess noise or generating a cozy ambiance with automated window coverings.